Our Approach

  1. In the United States, our primary focus is establishing Sustainable Living Centers (SLCs) in every city. These centers leverage our expertise to provide mental health support to women survivors of gender-based violence and youth grappling with substance abuse. Our aim is to aid in their recovery from mental illness and trauma, while fostering resilience through scientifically proven ancient Indian techniques of Yoga and Meditation.
  2. We aim to cultivate a global community of skilled volunteers aligned with our mission for impactful community outreach. Collaboration with USAID and other international organizations has endowed us with technical expertise and skilled workforce to scale programs effectively at grassroots levels. Specializing in routine immunization, communicable disease prevention, digital education, WaSH and climate challenges through technology-driven social innovations
  3. Advocacy and dialogue with international organizations: We advocates with international agencies and the United Nations on issues like patriarchy, inequality, and gender-based violence in developing nations, catalyzing efforts to combat these challenges.
  4. Advancement of women health in developing nations: The foundation focuses on promoting women's reproductive and sexual health and ensuring their dignified well-being, particularly in developing societies.
  5. Advancement of ancient Indian practices for sustainable living: We promotes ancient Indian practices for sustainable living, emphasizing their benefits for spiritual peace, mental well-being, and sustainable lifestyles in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By highlighting scientifically proven traditional home-based practices, the foundation aims to foster holistic wellness and a healthier lifestyle globally.