Providing Primary Healthcare & Menstrual Hygiene to Protect Slum women from Transferable Diseases.


Saheli, translating to "friend," embodies a project dedicated to fostering a supportive environment where women can openly discuss their health, hygiene, and safety concerns. This initiative aims to break the taboo surrounding menstruation, STDs, and other women's health issues by building strong, non-hierarchical family structures and community networks. Ladli Foundation's Saheli project collaborates with local women volunteers to provide free medical check-ups, distribute menstrual hygiene kits, and conduct awareness camps to empower women and girls.


Taboos and societal norms make it difficult for women to openly discuss their health issues, leading to ignorance and neglect of crucial health aspects, such as menstruation, STDs, and anemia.

Our Action: (Utilization of Your Donation)

Saheli's Women’s Health, Hygiene, and Safety Initiative focuses on empowering women through various essential initiatives:

Preventive Practices:

  1. Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM):
    • Distribute menstrual hygiene kits to over 200 million women in India, promoting safe and hygienic menstrual practices.
    • Conduct awareness camps to educate women and girls about the importance of menstrual hygiene, nutrition, and overall well-being.
  2. Leucorrhoea Awareness:
    • Provide information and education about leucorrhoea, a prevalent gynecological concern, connected with menstrual hygiene.
    • Encourage women to seek medical attention for abnormal vaginal discharge through inflammatory checkups and necessary treatment.
  3. Anaemia Eradication Campaign:
    • Implement a comprehensive campaign to raise awareness about anaemia, focusing on iron deficiency among women.
    • Distribute anaemia kits and educate women about the connection between menstrual health, iron deficiency, and the risk of anaemia.
  4. Awareness Camps and Health Check-ups:
    • Organize multipurpose camps, including awareness and health camps, providing free consultation, medical aids, and essential health kits.
    • Sensitize women about reproductive rights, sexual violence, and other critical issues affecting their well-being.

Trusted and Reliable:

Ladli Foundation's Saheli project is committed to holistic community development, aiming to create a society where women are aware, empowered, and lead healthy lives. The collaboration with local women volunteers ensures a grassroots approach.

Impact Reports and Transparency:

Your donation to the Saheli initiative ensures transparency. Regular reports on awareness camps, health check-ups, and the distribution of health kits will be provided, demonstrating the tangible impact of your contribution on women's lives.

The Ladli Foundation USA's Proven Track Record:

With a successful history of impactful initiatives, Ladli Foundation actively engages in creating lasting change. Join us in supporting the Saheli project to empower women, eliminate taboos, and foster a healthier and more informed community.