One World Meeting of Team Ladli Foundation USA

The team of Ladli Foundation USA convened for a meeting at the One World Trade Centre in New York City on June 20, 2022. Distinguished members from across the United States actively participated in the meeting, engaging in productive discussions regarding their active roles in furthering the organization's mission. The meeting served as a platform for collaboration, strategizing, and reinforcing the commitment of Ladli Foundation USA's members to the organization's noble cause.

Indo-US Summit Of India

Indo-US Summit In India – 10 Jan 2020 , Indian Habitat Center New Delhi

Ladli Foundation USA organized the Indo-US Summit in India on January 10, 2020, at the Indian Habitat Center in New Delhi. The summit brought together esteemed speakers from various fields to discuss important agendas related to bilateral relations and social development. The speakers at the summit were:

  1. Mr. Gopal Agarwal, Spokesperson of BJP: Mr. Gopal Agarwal, representing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), shared insights on the political landscape and the government's perspective on Indo-US relations. His contribution provided valuable insights into the BJP's policies and priorities.
  2. Mr. Deepak Bagla, MD and CEO, Invest India: Mr. Deepak Bagla, as the Managing Director and CEO of Invest India, offered insights into investment opportunities and collaborations between India and the United States. His expertise shed light on fostering economic growth and promoting business partnerships.
  3. Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan, IFS (Retd.): Mr. T.P. Sreenivasan, a retired Indian Foreign Service officer, brought his extensive experience in international relations to the summit. He shared valuable perspectives on diplomacy, global affairs, and the role of India and the United States in shaping the world's future.
  4. Dr. Bilali Kamra, India Head/Country Director UNAIDS: Dr. Bilali Kamra, as the India Head and Country Director of UNAIDS, contributed insights into public health, particularly addressing the challenges related to HIV/AIDS in India. His expertise shed light on the efforts to combat the disease and improve healthcare in the country.
  5. Mr. Kamal Singh, CEO, United Nations Global Compact: Mr. Kamal Singh, as the CEO of the United Nations Global Compact, discussed the importance of sustainable business practices and responsible corporate citizenship. His contribution highlighted the role of businesses in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
  6. Mr. Birendr Raturi, Director of SR ASIA: Mr. Birendr Raturi, as the Director of SR ASIA, shared insights into sustainable development and social responsibility in the context of India and the United States. His expertise shed light on innovative approaches to address social and environmental challenges
  7. Mr. Mathew Joseph, Country Director, American Indian Foundation: Mr. Mathew Joseph, as the Country Director of the American Indian Foundation, contributed insights into philanthropic initiatives and cross-cultural collaborations between India and the United States. His contribution highlighted the importance of partnerships in driving social impact.

The Indo-US Summit provided a platform for these esteemed speakers to exchange ideas, share expertise, and discuss ways to enhance cooperation and address key challenges in areas such as politics, economics, diplomacy, public health, sustainability, and social development. The summit fostered dialogue and collaboration between India and the United States to create meaningful partnerships for the benefit of both nations.

The Global Perspective of Democracy and National Democracy Awards

Ladli Foundation USA organized "The Global Perspective of Democracy and National Democracy Awards" on December 13, 2021, at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi. The event aimed to discuss the status of women and their democratic rights from a global perspective. Esteemed speakers from various backgrounds participated in the event, including:

  1. Dr. Anil Agrawal (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha) As a member of Parliament, Dr. Anil Agrawal provided insights into the legislative aspects of democracy and the efforts to promote women's democratic rights. His contribution shed light on the role of policymakers in ensuring inclusive and representative governance.
  2. Mr. Gopal Krishna Agrawal (Senior Economist, National Spokesperson, BJP) Mr. Gopal Krishna Agrawal, representing the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), shared his expertise as a senior economist and discussed the economic dimensions of democracy. His contribution highlighted the importance of economic empowerment in enhancing women's democratic participation.
  3. Mr. Rana Yashwant (Managing Editor, India News): Mr. Rana Yashwant, as the Managing Editor of India News, offered insights into the media's role in promoting democratic values and raising awareness about women's rights. His contribution focused on the role of the media in shaping public opinion and advocating for gender equality.
  4. Ms. Leher Sethi (Democratic Rights Activist): Ms. Leher Sethi, a democratic rights activist, shared her experiences and advocacy efforts in promoting women's democratic rights. Her contribution highlighted the grassroots-level work and challenges faced in advancing women's participation in the democratic process.
  5. Mr. Justine Anthony (Founder, Nobel Citizen Foundation): Mr. Justine Anthony, as the founder of the Nobel Citizen Foundation, contributed insights into global perspectives on democracy and women's rights. His contribution emphasized the importance of international collaboration and the exchange of ideas to strengthen democratic practices.
  6. Ms. Sonal Man Singh (Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha, and Padma Vibhushan awardee): Ms. Sonal Man Singh, a renowned classical dancer and Member of Parliament, shared her perspectives on the intersection of arts, culture, and democracy. Her contribution highlighted the role of the arts in promoting social change and empowering women in democratic societies.

The discussions during the event revolved around women's participation in politics, legislative reforms, media representation, grassroots activism, global perspectives, and the cultural dimensions of democracy. The National Democracy Awards were also presented to recognize individuals and organizations making significant contributions to promoting democratic values and women's rights. The event provided a platform to exchange ideas, foster dialogue, and inspire collective action towards achieving gender equality and strengthening democratic practices worldwide.