Enabling Access to Digital Infrastructure for Quality Education among Marginalized Students


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted learning for over 1.5 billion children globally, with marginalized students facing a heightened risk due to the digital divide. In India alone, 320 million learners are adversely affected, unable to shift rapidly to e-learning, leading to potential dropouts and exposure to social evils. Ladli Foundation, in collaboration with BYJU's e-learning app, initiates a project to provide free access to secondary education for one lakh marginalized students, particularly focusing on families with three or more children, with an emphasis on girl children.


The digital divide exacerbates existing inequalities, hindering marginalized students' access to education. Socioeconomic factors intersect with poverty, gender, ethnicity, age, and disability, resulting in discrimination and exclusion from online learning opportunities.

Our Action: (Utilization of Your Donation)​

Ladli Foundation's digital learning project aims to bridge the gap and empower marginalized students through the following initiatives:

  1. Free Refurbished Digital Devices:
    • Provide refurbished digital devices loaded with e-learning content and a 3-year premium subscription to BYJU's app for one lakh marginalized students.
    • Focus on families with three or more children, particularly prioritizing girl children.
  2. Holistic Education and Sensitization:
    • Conduct community workshops on critical issues: gender sensitization, menstrual health & hygiene, WASH, sexual abuse, child rights, and prevention from drugs/substance abuse.
    • Incorporate fun activities and reward-based competitions to engage students in a meaningful way.
  3. Motivation for Parents:
    • Motivate parents to actively support their children's education and discourage child labor through awareness campaigns and involvement in their children's learning journey.

Trusted and Reliable:​

Ladli Foundation, with special consultative status in the United Nations ECOSOC, brings expertise and commitment to empowering marginalized communities. The collaboration with BYJU's ensures quality digital education for students in need.

Impact Reports and Transparency:​

Your donation to the Bridge to Digital Learning initiative ensures transparency. Regular reports on the distribution of devices, training sessions, and the impact on students' lives will be provided, keeping you informed about the tangible difference your contribution is making.

Ladli Foundation's Proven Track Record:​

With a successful history of impactful initiatives, Ladli Foundation actively engages in creating lasting change. Join us in supporting the Bridge to Digital Learning project to empower marginalized students and contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.