Providing Basic Education to Slum Kids to Encourage School Attendance


The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted learning for over 1.5 billion children globally, with marginalized communities facing heightened risks. Ladli Foundation, in collaboration with BYJU’s e-learning app, aims to address the digital divide by providing free access to secondary education for one lakh marginalized students in India. Your contribution will empower vulnerable families, especially those with three or more children, ensuring that each tablet benefits the entire family.


The pandemic has exacerbated educational disparities, creating a digital divide that disproportionately affects marginalized students in India. The intersectionality of poverty, gender, ethnicity, age, and disability further compounds the issue, leading to discrimination and exclusion from online education.

Our Action: (Utilization of Your Donation)

Ladli Foundation's project focuses on enabling digital education for marginalized students through refurbished devices loaded with e-learning content and a three-year premium subscription to BYJU’s. Your donation will support the following initiatives:

  1. Device Distribution: Provide refurbished digital devices to marginalized students, ensuring access to quality education.
  2. Educational Content: Offer a three-year premium subscription to BYJU’s app, providing a comprehensive learning experience.
  3. Community Workshops: Conduct workshops on critical issues such as gender sensitization, menstrual health, WASH, sexual abuse, child rights, and prevention from drugs/substance abuse.
  4. Parental Motivation: Motivate parents to support their children in completing their education and discourage child labour.

Impact Reports and Transparency:

Your donation to the Ladli Foundation's Educate for Equality campaign guarantees transparency. Receive regular reports on fund utilization, impact assessment, and the progress made in bridging the digital divide in marginalized communities.

Special Consultative Status at the United Nations:

With special consultative status in the United Nations ECOSOC, Ladli Foundation's initiatives align with global efforts for resilience and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. The project acknowledges the transformative role of next-gen technologies and digital learning in achieving the UNSDGs by 2030.

Action-Research Approach:

This action-research project involves surveys, door-to-door registration, and collaboration with volunteers, coordinators, community leaders, and student monitors. Monthly workshops, quarterly competitions, and annual incentives enhance the learning experience. The project also addresses challenges faced by students and evaluates the impact of digital education through monitoring and regular interactions.