Preventing Youth from Drug Abuse and Nurturing Resilience through Ancient Indian Sustainable Practices


Drug abuse is not only a personal struggle but also a costly public health issue, estimated at over $484 billion annually by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Recognizing the need for holistic approaches to recovery, Ladli Foundation introduces JOSH, an initiative aimed at helping adults break free from drug habits and crime. JOSH adopts the M.D.I. formula: Motivate, Divert, and Involve individuals in psychologically, physically, and socially productive activities.


The high relapse rates (above 40%) underscore the challenges of traditional recovery methods. Adjunct therapies, like yoga, are increasingly embraced by addiction specialists and those in recovery to enhance traditional 12-step programs.

Our Action: (Utilization of Your Donation)

JOSH focuses on comprehensive recovery, integrating psychological counselling and mindful activities like yoga. Your donation will support the following initiatives:

  1. Motivate:
    • Awareness Programs: Spread awareness about the impact of substance abuse on individuals and their families.
    • Motivational Counselling: Engage individuals in recognizing the negative effects of substance use on their lives.
  2. Divert:
    • Psychological Counselling: Implement cognitive behavioural therapy, family counselling, and other therapeutic approaches to address underlying mental health conditions.
    • Mindful Activities: Introduce yoga as a mindful practice to help individuals manage cravings and stress.
  3. Involve:
    • Support Networks: Establish a sober community to provide invaluable resources, fostering companionships and long-lasting friendships.
    • Community Participation: Encourage active involvement in a supportive community during recovery for sustained sobriety.

Trusted and Reliable:

Ladli Foundation is a trusted nonprofit organization with a history of impactful initiatives. We are committed to addressing the complex challenges of substance abuse through innovative and comprehensive programs.

Impact Reports and Transparency:

Your donation to the JOSH initiative ensures transparency. Regular reports on fund utilization and the impact of your contribution will keep you informed about the progress made in empowering individuals on their journey to recovery.

The Ladli Foundation USA's Proven Track Record:

With a successful history of addressing societal challenges, Ladli Foundation actively engages in creating lasting impacts. Join us in supporting JOSH to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals recovering from substance abuse.