Social Security for Vulnerable Women


Shagun, derived from Sanskrit, signifies auspiciousness and blessings. In marginalized communities, marriages often burden families, especially when a girl is born, bringing the lifelong baggage of dowry. Ladli Foundation's Shagun initiative focuses on providing Health, Education, and Skills Development for adolescent and young women, addressing the challenges of child marriages, trafficking, and forced prostitution. The initiative supports underprivileged families by organizing Mass Marriages, verifying groom backgrounds, and promoting the UN Sustainable Goals of Health, Education, and Gender Equality.


In marginalized communities, the birth of a girl is considered a burden due to the societal expectations of dowry, leading to financial strain, early marriages, and limiting educational opportunities.

Our Action: (Utilization of Your Donation)

Shagun takes a comprehensive approach to empower underprivileged girls and women through the following initiatives:

  1. Mass Marriages:
    • Organize mass wedding events involving community leaders and government administration.
    • Verify the groom's criminal background to ensure safety and protection against trafficking and organized crime.
  2. Health and Social Support:
    • Provide 3 years of health insurance to brides.
    • Organize Marriage Anniversaries to offer social support and motivation against female foeticide.
  3. Navratri Kanya-Pujan Events:
    • Connect privileged families with underprivileged ones to support their daughter's education and health through social adoption.
    • Organize Navratri Kanya-Pujan events to encourage community involvement.
  4. Education and Hygiene Kits:
    • Distribute education and personal hygiene kits for adolescent girls in slums, promoting holistic development.

Trusted and Reliable:

Ladli Foundation, driven by the vision of founder Devendra Gupta, undertakes the task of executing mass marriages with community involvement, ensuring the safety and well-being of the brides. The initiative is validated by statistics, demonstrating the success of the approach without governmental aid.

Impact Reports and Transparency:

Your donation to the Shagun initiative ensures transparency. Regular reports on mass wedding events, health support, and educational initiatives will be provided, demonstrating the positive impact on the lives of underprivileged girls and women.

The Ladli Foundation USA's Proven Track Record:

With a history of executing mass marriages and empowering marginalized communities, Ladli Foundation actively engages in creating positive change. Join us in supporting the Shagun initiative to empower lives, break societal norms, and promote health, education, and gender equality.