Adopt your Villege in India for Social Development


"The future of India lies in its villages" - echoing Mahatma Gandhi's profound words, Ladli Foundation USA introduces "My Village, My Pilgrimage." This transformative project is designed to reconnect the Indian diasporic youth with their ancestral roots, fostering cultural understanding, community integration, and active participation in shaping their ideal village.


  1. Discover Indian Heritage:
    • Explore the unparalleled diversity of India's religious, linguistic, and cultural landscapes.
    • Witness the beauty of green crops, diverse flora and fauna, majestic rivers, and the Himalayas.
    • Immerse in India's technological advancements, historical landmarks, and the legacies of great leaders.
  2. Learn about Indian Culture and Civilization:
    • Understand the rich tapestry of Indian culture, encompassing social norms, ethical values, traditions, and more.
    • Embrace the linguistic, culinary, artistic, and architectural diversity that defines the Indian subcontinent.
  3. Create a Mosaic of Memories in the Desi Backdrop:
    • Experience the joys of everyday life in an Indian village, from stone-throwing mango gatherings to river baths.
    • Indulge in traditional Indian foods, prefer Kahwah over coffee, and explore the charm of local activities.
  4. Initiatives for Community Development:
    • Engage in community-led development, involving locals in setting visions and priorities.
    • Focus on rural health, education, and communication, bringing about necessary cultural transformations.
    • Encourage the diasporic youth to invest time, identify local challenges, and contribute to community well-being.

Why Support "My Village, My Pilgrimage"?:

  1. Cultural Reconnection: Restore a deep connection between diasporic youth and their familial, cultural, and community roots.
  2. Community-Led Development: Facilitate the diasporic youth in actively participating in the development of their ancestral villages.
  3. Holistic Experience: Provide a transformative journey that blends cultural exploration, personal growth, and community service.

Impact Reports and Transparency:

  • Regular reports showcasing cultural exploration, community initiatives, and personal growth.
  • Transparent use of funds, ensuring a direct and positive impact on participants and communities.

Your Support Creates Changemakers:

By supporting "My Village, My Pilgrimage," you contribute to a meaningful initiative that bridges the gap between the diasporic youth and their roots. Join us in fostering a new generation of changemakers committed to building a stronger, more connected India.