Executive Board

Ms. Kanu Priya Gupta


Kanupriya Gupta, a thriving entrepreneur based in the USA and a Baylor University alum, has excelled in managing her franchise business over the past eight years. Born in India and raised in the USA, she values and integrates the traditions of both nations. Committed to the virtue of serving others, Kanupriya works to foster unity between India and the USA through various social initiatives. Her focus includes promoting women's empowerment and engaging in environmental welfare activities.

Adv. Pankhuri Singhal


Pankhuri is a passionate social worker, advocating for the rights of marginalised women and children. Through grassroots efforts and action-research initiatives across India, she empowers vulnerable populations, focusing on education and awareness of fundamental rights. Her impactful workshops and camps have positively influenced over a thousand lives, reducing atrocities and empowering women to demand equal rights. Recognised with the prestigious H.E. Award and the "National Democracy Award" from the Danish Ambassador, she actively engages boys and men in her gender sensitization programme, aiming to eliminate harmful traditional practices and create a safer environment for women.

Ms. ​Monika Bajaj


Monika, a Senior Auditor at Deloitte in New York, holds an undergraduate degree from Delhi University and pursued postgraduate studies at the City University of New York. With prior experience at Ernst & Young and a fintech company, she actively engages in client interactions, crafting precise service proposals. Beyond her professional role, Monika serves as a part-time dance instructor and wedding choreographer, emphasizing the positive impact of physical health on mental well-being. During the COVID-19 lockdown, she provided free Zoom dance sessions to alleviate stress, showcasing her commitment to community support.

Ms. Kamini Vaid

Ladli Foundation, INDIA

Kamini is passionately dedicated to empowering women and children, inspired by her own journey of overcoming obstacles in early education. Facing challenges, she connected with the Ladli Foundation, which supported her. Motivated by her experiences, she fights against gender-based violence and discrimination, championing access to primary education and combating child abuse. Her efforts reflect the vision of the Princess of Wales, emphasizing the transformative power of young people to bring about positive change in the world.

Ms. ​Sia Holbrook


Sia Holbrook, now a Client Accountant at Cushman & Wakefield, previously accumulated 1.5 years of experience at Ceramo Company, Inc. in Jackson, MO. Before that, she served as an Accountant at Jason Coalter & Associates, managing properties and various businesses. With 3 years in full-cycle accounting, Sia holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a Master's in General Management from Southeast Missouri State University. Beyond her professional life, she enjoys family time, hiking, reading, and caring for her pets while working remotely from Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Ms. ​Amisha Chaudhary


As the first Indian crowned Ms. United Nations in 2017, she's a beacon of inspiration for women globally. Hailing from Faridabad, she serves as an Air India air hostess, embodying commitment to hospitality. With 12 years of experience as a certified Make-up Freelancer, she excels in the "Art of Makeup." Beyond her career, she passionately engages in social activism and humanitarian efforts, advocating for women's empowerment, addressing gender disparity, championing environmental welfare, and promoting breast cancer awareness. Her unwavering commitment reflects her dedication to driving positive change worldwide.

Ms. Arti Dhir


For 14 years, she's excelled in aviation, managing operations and customer service for United Airlines in New Jersey. Leading over a hundred employees, she considers herself in the "people" business. A Yoga Alliance-trained instructor, she conducts meditation workshops, delving into transformative practices like "Sri Vidya Upasana." Certified in advocating for survivors of domestic violence, she believes in holistic healing. As an army officer's daughter, her patriotism led her to leave a lucrative career to uplift the underprivileged. Since 2020, she's actively volunteered with Devendra Kumar's "Ladli Foundation Trust."

Ms. Sushma Kumari


Hailing from a humble background, Sushma Kumari, deeply aware of the challenges faced by underprivileged girls, became an integral part of the Ladli Foundation to empower them. Relocating to Canada in 2017 didn't diminish her commitment; she actively contributes to Ladli from afar. With five years of experience as an office assistant in India, Sushma now applies her skills in the Canadian retail industry while supporting her husband's business. Her diverse journey reflects an unwavering dedication to uplifting the lives of underprivileged girls, making her a beacon of hope.